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“Miss America’s Ugly Daughter: Bess Myerson and Me” Is Terrific

February 11, 2020

Barra Grant, the daughter of Bess Myerson, gives a spirited, humorous and pathos producing performance in a play she wrote, “Miss America’s Ugly Daughter: Bess Myerson and Me,” now through March 1st at Marjorie S. Dean Little Theater (10 West 64th Street).

Ms. Grant plays herself as she goes over what was a difficult mother/daughter relationship with Ms. Myerson, to date still the only Jewish woman to win the Miss America crown.

Anna Holbrook is not seen until the curtain call, is splendid as Bess Myerson’s voice, making “middle of the night” calls to Ms. Grant.

Humor abounds (Shavous as a Jewish holiday, but most Jewish people (I add others) do not know when it is) but also the depth of hurt Barra Grant endured does the same.

There is more, I will not spoil it, as I highly recommend people see the splendid performance. I will say I still feel good about Bess Myerson and all she accomplished, flaws and all.

Much admiration goes out to Barra Grant for enduring and evolving the pattern in raising her daughter, Samantha.

Eve Brandstein directed this truly fine show. Click below for tickets information.



Bess Myerson







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