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“Super Chiefs” Again, 50 Years Later

February 3, 2020

The Kansas City Chiefs won their second Super Bowl crown, fifty years after their first, again overcoming a double digit deficit (they did so in all three ‘offs wins), beating the San Francisco 49ers (31-20) in the 2019 season title deciding game.

Damien Williams scored on a 5 yard pass and then ran 38 yards for K.C. touchdowns, less than 3 minutes apart, to cap a comeback from a (20-10) 4th quarter deficit.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw two touchdown passes  and scored a touchdown, (the run score, another “M”player first touchdown in either a Chiefs or Niners Supe (7 of 9, see post from February 1st) and was named the game’s MVP.

Honors easily could have gone to Williams or Tyreek Hill, each with over 100 yards, Williams rushing and Hill, who gathered in a huge 3rd and 15, (with KC down by the aforementioned (20-10)  score with less than seven minutes remaining/4th quarter) not so great Mahomes pass, doing so receiving.

Kansas City has 4 sports titles, the Royals 30 years apart in 1985 and 2015 and now the Chiefs, fifty years apart in 1969 and 2019.


refer to caption

Damien Williams, pictured above.

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