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Some San Francisco/Kansas City Sports Notes

January 23, 2020

As cited before, the San Francisco 49ers will be seeking their first Super Bowl win in 25 years. They also won the Super Bowl 30 years ago in 1989 and 35 years ago in 1984.

Their opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs, are in their first Super Bowl since winning their lone such game to date, 50 years ago.

San Francisco was without a major sports title until the 49ers won the first of 5 Super Bowl crowns to date, in their 32nd NFL season, (1981).

Kansas City is without either an NBA or NHL team. There will be plenty of facts ahead, some obscure, such as the following.

In the lone playoff appearance by the Kansas City/Omaha Kings now the Sacramento Kings and then led by Nate “Tiny” Archibald, they were beaten in the quarterfinals by the Chicago Bulls.

If the Kings had won (they lost in 6 games) they would have met the Golden State Warriors, already Oakland and not S.F. based, in the semi-final round. The Warriors beat the Bulls and then the Washington Bullets to win their first NBA title.


Nate Archibald 1974.jpeg

A great player, Nate “Tiny” Archibald, pictured above.

Among many great players, I can make a case for Kareem Abdul Jabbar, half pictured in the background, as the greatest of all.

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