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Where were Bart Starr, John Havlicek, Frank Robinson and Other Sports Figures, Who Died in 2019?!

December 31, 2019

There were no sports figures cited when “CBS Sunday Morning,” a fine show, paid tribute to some of the celebrated people, who died in the last year.

That is quite a shame, as their once glorious network telecast the famed 1967 NFL Title Game/”Ice Bowl,” in which Bart Starr’s quarterback sneak touchdown provided Green Bay (Packers) a dramatic win.

Certainly CBS and the NFL grew together, with Bart Starr and the Packers winning all 5 of their titles in a 7 year span (1961-1967), in games shown on CBS.

CBS was also there in 1976, when John Havlicek made a great, important/must shot for the Boston Celtics, in an eventual 3 overtime win in game 5 and then a 13th title, gained with a win in #6, of that year’s final series.

Additionally, Havlicek was the MVP as the Celtics won their first post dynasty crown in 1974, the first of 17 (“Hondo’s # “Hondo” being Havlicek) seasons CBS telecast NBA tilts, (1974-1990).

You see Bart Starr and John Havlicek, two all-time greats died in 2019 and “CBS Sunday Morning” (again a fine show, and their “Hail and Farewell” Tribute also excels), however, they missed out not having any sports figures included (the great Frank Robinson, among others I am leaving out, also died in 2019).

If they did and included CBS footage and sound of Starr and Havlicek’s great plays, it would have been so great to see and hear.


The audio is Green Bay Packers’ radio broadcaster, Ted Moore description of Starr’s historic touchdown.

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