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“One November Yankee” Is A Wonderful, Insightful Play

December 9, 2019

“One November Yankee” (performances through December 29th at 59E59 Theater) is a well written, probing, insightful, play, with two wonderful actors, Stefanie Powers and Harry Hamlin. Joshua Ravetch both wrote and directs.

Ms. Powers and Mr. Hamlin, each of whom remembered  for fine television roles on “Hart to Hart” and “L.A. Law” respectively, certainly prove their “acting chops,” with thoroughly entertaining performances, as three pairs of siblings, all affected by a tragic small plane crash.

The story is nicely interwoven by Mr. Ravetch, the son of Ms. Powers’ junior high school English teacher, with the plane, “One November Yankee” literally and figuratively occupying the stage.

More and more, the references have resonated as I think back, while the subject and relationships of siblings, always fascinating to me, a person without one, has been “hit out of the park” by Ravetch, Hamlin and Powers.

I highly recommend seeing “One November Yankee,” which I believe will enrich your thoughts on life’s fragility/”fine line,” providing some laughs (we all need them) along the way.

Click below for more information, including that, regarding purchasing tickets.

One November Yankee – 59E59 Theaters


Harry Hamlin and Stefanie Powers, pictured above, each give marvelous performances in “One November Yankee.”









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