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The Houston Astros Won All 3 At Washington, in Dominant Fashion

October 28, 2019

The Houston Astros are on the precipice of a second World Series victory in a 3 seasons/2 year span, after totally dominating all three weekend games at Washington, to take a (3-2) World Series lead into game 6, at Houston tomorrow night.

This is just the third time (second in a series that was not intracity and also alternated home teams, as was the case in 1906, an eventual Chicago White Sox 6 game triumph vs the Chicago Cubs) the road team has won the first five games of the World Series. The other time, ’96 Yankees, who 90 years after the White Sox did so, won a home 6th after the road team won the first 5 games.

Houston never trailed in any of the “at Wash tilts,” led after 25 of their 27 at bats (only the ’49 Yankees did not trail in winning games (3-5) on the road in a World Series, in their case clinching the World Series at Brooklyn (Dodgers) in 1949.

In 4 and 5, Astros starting pitchers, Jose Oquindy (#4) and Gerrit Cole turned in excellent performances.

Yordan Alvarez, (3 hits including a go ahead to stay 2 run homer, in his first start at Washington), Robinson Chirinos, (homers in #’s 3 and 4) and Michael Brantley (5 hits, 3 runs and RBI’S in #’s 3 and 4) are among the Houston offensive stars in this series.

None of the five Astros’ players cited above were on the ’17 title team. The Astros are roughly 8 to 5 favorites to win the title tomorrow night (to my knowledge, there has never been any series in baseball,NBA or NHL annals in which the road team won the first six games), however must do so in a (Justin) Verlander start. (He is (0-5) in World Series play, his teams (0-6) in his World Series starts.

I will have more on this tomorrow. Incredibly, starting with the 108 Wins Red Sox games 4 and 5 World Series wins at L.A. (Dodgers) to clinch the ’18 title, road teams are (17-3) in the World Series, NHL and NBA final.



Wouldn’t it be nice (cue The Beach Boys) if Gerrit Cole, pictured above, with his original team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, would stay in Houston? Alas, even nicer if players stayed with their original teams.




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