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Some Baseball Post-Season Notes

October 21, 2019


Tomorrow night, the roughly two to one favored Houston Astros (game 1 and series), will host the Washington Nationals, as the 2019 World Series commences.

Some notes follow that you likely will not find elsewhere.

When the SF Giants won the 2014 World Series in 7 games at Kansas City vs the Royals (K.C. won it all the next season, but as a small market team had to give up its fine nucleus of players), they became the first team in 8 tries to win the subsequent World Series after winning its LCS “at the plate,” when not facing a team that also won its LCS “at the plate.” (In ’76 both the Reds who swept the subsequent World Series, and Yankees won their LCS while batting.)

The Astros are seeking to be just the second to do so. (The ’03 Yankees, ’06 Tigers of the A.L. and ’92 and ’99 Braves, ’72 Reds, ’78 Dodgers and ’02 Giants of the N.L. all lost their subsequent World Series, after winning its LCS “at the plate.”)

One more: In game 3 of the 1964 World Series, “the great Mickey Mantle” (Jack Nicholson’s “Cuckoo’s Nest’s” character’s words regarding #7), homered to end game 3 of a (1-1) World Series. However, the St. Louis Cardinals came back to win that series in 7 games.

Since that point, 7’s are operative as teams winning game 3, of a (1-1) post-season series in New York (Yankees or Mets) are (14-1) in that series. (7 wins each in series involving the Yankees and Mets).

The Astros made it (7-0) in series involving the Yankees (the ’19 Astros and ’10 Texas Rangers doing so in ALCS while the ’05 Angels and ’18 eventual champion Red Sox did so in “div” series. Meanwhile the Yankees won the ’76 and ’78 ALCS, the latter en route to the title and an ’00 “div” series, also “en route” in the aforementioned situation).

Teams are (7-1) in said series, throughout Mets post-season history after winning at New York in game 3 of a (1-1) series. The lone exception being the Dodgers winning the series and in fact, eventually their last title in ’88, despite losing game 3 of a (1-1) NLCS at New Yok vs the Mets.

The Mets won the ’69 World Series, ’73 and ’86 NLCS (the latter en route to their last title) and “div” series in ’99, ’00 and ’15 in that situation. Meanwhile the Oakland A’s won the ’73 World Series after winning such a game 3.

Click below to view Mantle’s game ending ’64 W.S. #3 home run. The great Curt Gowdy’s radio call is the audio.

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