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Thoughts Regarding Paul Mazursky

October 12, 2019

After seeing Paul Mazursky’s name as the credits rolled after a “Gunsmoke” episode he directed, I thought about his wonderful career as a director, writer and actor.

His work included “An Unmarried Woman,” “Harry And Tonto” and “Bob& Carol& Ted& Alice,” certainly films that took us rather deeply into the mores change and exploration of self.

I recall Paul as one of the students in “Blackboard Jungle,” an excellent film with Glenn Ford and Sidney Poitier.

The “Gunsmoke” episode involved poker and it and the memory of Mr. Mazursky as a player in the “executive,” at least special poker game, on the iconic television show, “The Sopranos,” represents a good illustration of the “long winding,” great work of Paul Mazursky.


Paul Mazursky.jpg

Paul Mazursky, an epic talent, pictured above.

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