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Baseball Update: Yankees Continue Their Incredible Domination Of The Twins, The Other 3 Series Continue

October 8, 2019

Yesterday, while the New York Yankees made it 6 for 6 in post-season entities (5 “div” series and one “10 to 8” game, also 13 straight wins and a (16-2) record) vs the Minnesota Twins, completing a 3 game sweep with a (5-1) win, results in the other three series were wins for the teams facing elimination.

Both the St. Louis Cardinals (vs the Atlanta Braves) and Washington Nationals (vs the L.A. Dodgers) won at home in #4 after losing there in #3 and hence will play a road, decisive #5 tomorrow.

Meanwhile the Rays forced a 4th game, winning game 3 at home vs the top ranked Houston Astros. Today in #4, I believe to be played in the late afternoon, as Kol Nidre begins, the “Stros” are pitching Verlander and are top heavy favorites.

That does not mean they will win, but they probably will. Doing so vs the Yankees, if that series manifests, would/will be more difficult and I say is a toss up, though Houston, if they win today and have Cole/Verlander for games 1 and 2 in Houston, would be about an 8 to 5 favorite.


My Favorite Martian Ray Walston 1963.JPG

Why Ray Walston, pictured above in “My Favorite Martian.”

Mr. Walston, a superb actor, played one, who was, shall we say involved, in the Twins’ ancestors, the usually second division Washington Senators trying to win vs the great Yankees in “Damn Yankees,” which was a Broadway show and a movie.

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