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Baseball Tournament Field Virtually Set

September 27, 2019

In all likelihood, the ten teams that will enter the 2019 baseball tournament are known, as play in the final three games commences today.

Only the two American League wild card spots are not completely set. However, the Oakland Athletics with a 3 game lead over disappointing Cleveland (Indians) need but one of at least 7 decisions (3 A’s games at Seattle (Mariners), 3 Indians games at Washington (Nationals) and a very unlikely playoff vs Cleveland and maybe more, if there is a 3 way tie) are and dare I say, will be in.

So very likely is Tampa Bay (Rays) which enjoys a 2 game lead over Cleveland and trail the A’s by a game, in a bid to host their almost certain clash, next Wednesday in the A.L. “10 to 8” game.

Over in the National League, an incredible (18-2) run by the Milwaukee Brewers, (11-2) since star player, Christian Yelich was in injured, has them in while the “Chi” Cubs under manager, Joe Maddon, incredibly, have lost 9 straight games and are out.

Anything can happen, often does, however it certainly appears the Indians for a baseball current high 71st consecutive season (1949-2019) will be denied a title, this year without even making the playoffs.


Last night, a second straight White Sox home win virtually ended the Indians’ chances of being one of 10 playoffs qualifiers.

Sixty years earlier, the White Sox, 40 years after their 1919 pennant, clinched their first one since, winning a game at Cleveland vs the Indians.

Click above to listen to the great announcer Jack Brickhouse call the action as the White Sox clinched the pennant.

Around the 15 minute mark in, get ready for Jack’s great call as the White Sox clinched one of two post-season spots, that in the World Series.

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