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Thoughts On Another Yastrzemski And Other Red Sox/Giants Matters

September 17, 2019

Tomorrow night, in an otherwise meaningless game between the host Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants, Mike Yastrzemski gets to play with his grandfather, the great Carl Yastrzemski in attendance at Fenway Park.

Neither team will be in the post-season and Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy, who guided the Giants to 3 titles in 5 seasons after a 56 year title drought, is retiring after this season.

Carl Yastrzemski, as was the case with Ted Williams before him and such players as Dwight Evans and Jim Rice after him, had great years with the Red Sox and only the Red Sox, however, was there during an 86 year title drought and never played on a title team.

The Red Sox have won 4 titles since the drought ended, but fired general manager Dave Dombrowski, showing little “Faith” and gratitude for last year’s incredible 119 win (11 in post-season) title season.

Tonight and in the upcoming three games, think 1961 when Carl came to Boston, the first season after Ted Williams retired and all that has transpired since, including the grandson of “Yaz,” in the outfield, albeit in right, not left, for the National League Giants.


Carl Yastrzemski 1976.jpg

The great player, Carl Yastrzemski, pictured above.





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