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Second Week NFL Notes And Predictions

September 15, 2019


Last week, ESPN Radio talk show host Michael Kay was (3-0) regarding his NFL predictions.

Already this week, Kay missed on his “Carolina giving points,” Thursday night game pick. I wish I had known his pick, as I feel it “pays” to go vs his picks this week.

Toward that end, I will take the Washington team plus 6 points vs Dallas and the Cincinnati Bengals in an evenly rated game vs the S.F. 49ers.

Two’s are operative, as we note only two Kay predictions (Dallas and San Francisco), it is the second week of NFL play and the 49ers won two/both Super Bowl clashes vs the Bengals, led by the great Joe Montana in both (’81 and ’88) and Jerry Rice, another great in ’88.

One other “two” note. In week 2 of the eventually strike marred, 1987 NFL season, Bengals’ coach Sam Wyche eschewed a 4th down punt at his own 30, manifesting in giving S.F. one play from the Cincy 25.

Montana to Rice, 25 yards touchdown! “S.F.” and their bettors won, Cincy and their bettors suffering a crushing defeat!



The great broadcaster, Lon Simmons makes the calls, in the aforementioned week 2 Niners/Bengals game in 1987.

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