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Rob Gronkowski On 7th Avenue And Other Matters

September 12, 2019

Monday, as I headed for an appointment on 7th Avenue, around 35th Street, I walked toward a slight crowd that had gathered as the (retired? former?) great tight end, Rob Gronkowski was standing eating a slice, a big slice, of pizza.

Leave it to the man called “Gronk,” to be doing just that and also to be a part of speculation, he might return to football.

He may, however, I say he will not.

I did get a question out even as the crowd increased. It was regarding his big catch that set up the Sony Michel short touchdown run, the game’s only touchdown, as the Patriots won their 6th Super Bowl title.

After a delay, Rob answered calling it a great catch and one of the biggest in his career which likely? is over, but alas …..

Mr. Gronkowski, enjoying a slice of pizza, Kudos to him, for taking a big “slice” out of life.



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