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Remembering Valerie Harper

September 2, 2019

One way to measure the impact of the indomitable, talented Valerie Harper, who passed on days back at age 80, is to recall Howard Cosell’s words on the Steelers/Falcons October 28,  1974 football telecast.

It was a Monday night and Cosell cited that Valerie Harper’s “Rhoda’s” wedding was over and in effect welcomed many back, or so he and his network hoped, to football.

One thing is for sure Valerie Harper as “Rhoda” getting married had impact and that went well beyond the tremendous ratings the wedding show garnered.

“Rhoda” was a great character and Harper won multiple awards playing the role.

She went on to play great women, Golda Meir and Tallulah Bankhead.

I really liked her performance in “Chapter Two,” as her character in a really good supporting role has a surprising “affair” with Joe Bologna’s (his also a nice supporting role).

Her bravery knowing her days were numbered and her great spirit in living (“Don’t go to the funeral until the day of it”) stand out.

She was Rhoda and I felt much of Rhoda’s loneliness, the Saturday night time slot on the wonderful Mary Tyler Moore Show/watching alone, adding to that.

Yet Harper as “Rhoda,”  citing (in those days before call waiting), that her phone line was “open” all weekend, save midnight Saturday into Sunday, (I believe that is correct, if not, at least this is not a parking sign) when she called the operator to see if her phone was working and that being the time boyfriend “Joe” (played by David Groh) called, (hence getting a busy signal) was brilliant and a lasting memory that soothes.

Laughter is, of course, “the best medicine” and Valerie Harper provided some really good remedies.


Valerie Harper, pictured above.

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