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Some Television Notes That “Move Around”

August 31, 2019

While watching some older television shows on MeTV, I noticed the work of some fine actors in different roles and compiled a few notes.

Nancy Gates, so moving as “Ellen Benton” in “Suddenly,” which was a thrilling 1954 film, starring Frank Sinatra, was seen “jilting” Lorne Greene’s “Ben Cartwright” on “Bonanza.”

Alas, it was not that she did not love “Ben.” Additionally, one can blame her “no good” brother, however, most pertinent seems to be, as the great comedian, Buddy Hackett noted and I paraphrase–there was a paucity of sex on “The Ponderosa,” it being the fictional Cartwright’s home.

Moving up to LOVE, two “angels” Jaclyn Smith’s “Kelly” and Cheryl Ladd’s “Cris” fall for the man who would be “Bobby Ewing” on “Dallas,” Patrick Duffy, in a “Charlie’s Angels” two part episode.

In the famed film, Love Story, based on Erich Segal’s best selling book,  the great actor Ray Milland is told by son, “Oliver”/ Ryan O’Neal (he was with another “angel,” one who showed her acting chops that augmented her inner and outer beauty, namely Farrah Fawcett) “love means never having to say your sorry.”

In the above referenced “Charlie’s Angels” “One Love …. Two Angels” Mr. Milland plays a character named Oliver.


Jaclyn Smith, pictured above.

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