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“Life Sucks” Is A Brilliant, Funny, Meaningful Play

August 22, 2019

“Life Sucks,” playing at the Acorn Theater (410 West 42nd Street), written by Aaron Posner, adapted from (as stated “sort of”) “Uncle Vanya,” by the immortal Anton Chekhov is humorous, thought provoking and extremely well acted.

Seven characters are in a house, talking about their feelings, as they somehow become more aware that life full of regrets and as one character intones— the reality of the day after the nice night dream, is still worth and must be lived.

That is one of many complicated or not so, thoughts that permeated my brain while I enjoyed the humor and pathos of the Jeff Wise directed performance.

The cast which includes the truly great, veteran actor, Austin Pendleton as “The Professor,” was great.

On the day I saw “Life Sucks,” the key role of “Ella,” (the characters effectively “break the fourth wall” in this production) was played by Jenny Strassburg and she really excelled in the role and specifically, in her “break the fourth wall” words.

Nadia Bowers as Ella, Kimberly Chatterjee, Kevin Isola, Barbara Kingsley, Stacey Linnartz, Michael Schantz and the aforementioned Austin Pendleton comprise the cast.

Click below to buy tickets. I suggest doing so quickly as the play closes on September 1st.

Life Sucks Tickets | Tickets 2019 | Theatre Row – Acorn Theatre








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