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Baseball Update

August 17, 2019

The most frequent World Series match up is the one between the New York Yankees and the Dodgers, whether in Brooklyn or Los Angeles.

They have clashed 11 times, the Yankees winning 8, however, the franchises have not met in a World Series since 1981.

In a 40 year/41 seasons period (1941-1981), all 11 World Series clashes between the teams took place.

L.A. has a big lead for the National League one seed, while the Yankees having gained 4 and a half games in the 6 days, since the American League favorites, the Houston Astros, ripped the Baltimore Orioles (23-2), now lead by 3 plus games, (Houston has the tiebreaker) in the race for the A.L. top seed.

Regarding the Orioles, after the (23-2) loss last Saturday, the O’s won Sunday vs Houston as one of the biggest game underdogs on record.

Subsequently, they lost all 4 games they played at Yankee Stadium, making them (2-17) vs the Yankees in ’19, losing the final 16 games. This is reminiscent of the vaunted Yankees dominance vs the Orioles ancestors, the St. Louis Browns. One day, talk will focus on the Bill Gullickson karma in this matter.


Bob Kuzava, pictured above, helped the Yankees win 3 straight titles from (1951-1953). Before Kuzava came to the team, the Yankees also won the World Series in 1949 and 1950.

Kuzava got the last out in both ’51 and ’52, getting help from fine defensive plays by Hank Bauer in ’51 vs the Giants and in ’52 from Billy Martin vs the Dodgers.



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