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Thoughts– As Again I was In A Manhattan Blackout 42 Years Later

July 18, 2019

Forty two years to the date after a significantly bigger and more disturbing one, last Saturday night, there was a blackout in Manhattan.

I am not a Manhattan resident nor in Manhattan that often, especially not in 1977, yet I was in Manhattan, on the occasion of both power failures.

In ’77, on a bus after World Team Tennis with “not to be,” Adrienne and though broadcaster Bob Wolff put my tape in the Smithsonian along with his great work (interviews with Babe Ruth and Ted Williams), as his best student, it went no further.

That was the case with Adrienne and memories resound of the looting we could see so vividly, as the bus moved on.

Time always does as well, inexorably, and I thought about 42 years, about it being still light and people friendly and helping others last Saturday.

Maybe? We all have to do better, however.






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