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Traditional Check: L.A. Dodgers Way Ahead And The Yankees Leading

July 5, 2019

Both the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees have not only seemingly insurmountable one eighth division leads, but decent league leads, in a bid for that entity’s one seed. (L.A. is up an incredible 14 and a half games in its “div” and 7 and a half in its league. Mathematically, the Yankees are not quite a “sure thing,” up the same 7 and a fraction in their “div” and certainly not, with a two game league lead.)

The 4th of July was the traditional “in first then, in first for the pennant” gauge on the pennant race.

Then, but one team from each league made post-season and they met in the World Series.

More often than any other World Series pairing by far, are the eleven clashes between the Yankees and Dodgers. (The Yankees won 8 of the 11).

Maybe, though the odds are roughly nine to two against it, there will be a twelfth World Series between the teams and first such event in 38 years (19 before and after the year 2000).

Click below to view highlight from the first Yankees/Dodgers World played in 1941. Actor Paul Douglas conducts the post World Series interview.





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