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Toronto Title(s) Notes

June 19, 2019

The city of Toronto, of course, now has a current title with the NBA Raptors, who achieved it, in their 24th season.

Additionally, Toronto has 7 straight victories in final round play. Although the NHL Maple Leafs have not won the Stanley Cup since 1967, they have not lost a final series since 1960, winning 3 straight crowns (’62-’64), the baseball Blue Jays won in both of their World Series appearances (’92 and ’93), while the Raptors just won in their first NBA final series).

Somewhat incredibly, not only were the last 4 Toronto major North American sports league crowns (’67 Leafs, ’92 and ’93 Jays and ’19 Raptors) clinched with a game 6 victory, that year’s Toronto semi-final victory, was also achieved in 6 games.

In fact, after the first 5 Toronto titles which had both a semi-final and final round (the ’32 Leafs won the title with total goals determining and giving them a final round berth, a best of 3 series, Toronto won in the maximum 3 games) were accomplished in a different number of games in the semi and the final, the last 8 were achieved in the same number.

Bill Barilko, who tragically died in a plane crash not long after, won the 1951 Stanley Cup for the Maple Leafs, with an overtime goal in game 5. The Leafs had won their semi that year in 5 games as well. One game of the final was called a tie, but 5 counted, 4 went to the Leafs, hence Toronto in 5.

In winning 3 straight crowns (’62-’64), Toronto won its semi and final in the same number of games, 6 in ’62, 5 in ’63 and 7 in ’64.




Bill Barilko, pictured above.





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