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Watching The Tonight Show On Antenna TV

June 16, 2019

Last night I watched a great episode of The Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson on Antenna TV. The show originally aired on August 16th, 1973.

Carson was to interview 5 guests, however time ran out before Julie Budd’s appearance. She did, however, help another guest, actress, Jo Ann Pflug with her hair, as apparently there was no stylist for Ms. Pflug’s wet hair.

There were three men as guests plus of course Ed McMahon, who got to hold hands with Ms. Pflug.

Golfer Tom Weiskopf, another maybe, or even not better than Elbert “Tiger” Woods, but I believe, as good as any of Woods’ competition, when he was a dominant player, Rich Little and Victor Bono were the other guests.

It was quite a show!


Click below for a great clip!



Johnny Carson is pictured.



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