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A Night Later, Another First Time Champion Is Crowned, As The Toronto Raptors Win The NBA Title

June 14, 2019

A night after the St. Louis Blues won their first title in their 51 st season, the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA crown in their 24 season, in a far more competitive (114-110) game, at Golden State (Warriors). It is the third consecutive year that on successive nights, the NHL and then the NBA playoffs season ended.

Kawhi Leonard, who one hopes does not make it more “you root for or in my case against “laundry,” by leaving Toronto, was named the final round most valuable player for the second time in his career (2014 the other).

It was quite a team effort for Toronto. Kyle Lowry was one of two Toronto players with 26 points, including the first eight in the game. Pascal Sakim, who also had 26 points, hit the game’s big shot, as this tilt was even closer than the narrow margin score, a running shot in the lane, that gave Toronto (the city may have a paucity of recent titles, but they have won when they get there as this is the 7th straight final round victory dating back to 1960) a 3 point lead with 26 seconds to play. Fred VanVleet, very good all throughout the ‘offs, hit big 4th quarter shots and had 22 points in the clincher. Leonard also scored 22 in #6.

The Warriors, who were seeking a third straight and fourth title in 5 seasons played almost the entire series without Kevin Durant and in #3 and for the last 14 or so minutes Klay Thompson, two more that hopefully will stay, are now (6-5) in NBA final rounds, this the third straight time in a final round loss, that the series ended on the Warriors’ home floor.

The road team went (5-1) in the NBA final, (5-2) in the NHL final. Toronto won all 3, the last 3 at the Warriors’ home, Oracle Arena.

There will be many more notes in the days to follow, bottom line two great, underdog stories/titles for the St. Louis Blues and Toronto Raptors, giving each city 14 crowns and at least one in all 7 combined major North American sports leagues in which any were possible. (Toronto has never had an NFL team and hail the CFL Toronto Argonauts, for that matter the Raptors, Blues and yes the Bruins and certainly the Warriors).


Fred VanVleet, pictured above.












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