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Remembering The Excellent Player, Bill Buckner

June 1, 2019

Opening sentences of any kind, especially those in obituaries are very important. In the case of the superb baseball player, Bill Buckner, who died days back at age 69, you likely know of one important, but vastly over publicized play, ( among other things, THE GAME WAS TIED, which I have pointed out so many times in the nearly 33 years since), what follows is some of the rest, about “Billy Buck.”

There are few if any players from his era (he played from ’69-’90), I would rather have at bat for my team, in a big situation, than Bill Buckner.

He amassed over 2,700 hits, more than two of the greatest players/hitters, namely Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio. He was not nearly as great as those two, but in my opinion, he belongs in the Baseball Hall, ahead of some that are there.

Two memories involving 1986 which featured incredible post-season play:

Somewhere, I have a tape of Buckner homering as a Cubs’ player in 1981, vs a Mets’ pitcher named Mike Scott, the latter, a dominant pitcher for the Houston Astros vs the Mets in a great 6 game NLCS, won by the Mets in 1986.

In #6/1986 World Series, I was there and the Mets staged an incredible rally to win the game and won the title two nights later in game 7, despite trailing (3-0), entering the bottom of the sixth inning.

Roughly two weeks earlier, Buckner started the incredible 4 run Red Sox 9th inning, down 3 runs and 3 games to 1, at the Angels, as I drove to Shea Stadium for #4 of the aforementioned 1986 NLCS, matching the Mets and Astros.

Alas Donnie Moore, Dave Henderson and now Bill Buckner, all prominent names in the classic 1986 post-season, are gone.

The memories of that incredible baseball, if held in the proper perspective, are ones to appreciate–win, lose or not care, regarding the result.

Bill Buckner played the great game, the right way, excelled in it and it is that, particularly his superb hitting, that I will remember and appreciate the most.


Bill Buckner, at bat, a beautiful sight, pictured above.




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