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Toronto Raptors Are In Their First Final And Other Toronto Final(s) Notes

May 26, 2019

The Toronto Raptors overcame a 15 point, second half deficit and led by Kawhi Leonard, “6’d” the NBA top seed, Milwaukee Bucks (now 2-7 in semis and sans a final round appearance since 1974), to advance to their first NBA final, in this their 24th season.

Toronto will host a final round opening game for just the second time in 55 years, (the Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the ’64 NHL final round opener and titled in game 7 at home with goaltender Johnny Bower getting a shutout, while the Blue Jays opened the World Series at home in ’93, eventually winning it on Joe Carter’s home run a week later), when they host the Golden State Warriors in game one of the NBA final, Thursday night.

Golden State is a near three to one series favorite and a one point favorite, on the road, in game 1.

The city of Toronto is in its first final series since the aforementioned 1993 World Series, as the Maple Leafs have not been in a final since 1967.

One bright note for Toronto in that regard is that they have won six straight final round entities, having not lost since the greatest of the great, the 1960 Montreal Canadiens,  swept the Leafs in the 1960 final. That victory gave Montreal, the last of 5 straight NHL titles (’56-’60).

Toronto won their last 4 NHL final series (’62-’64 and ’67) and the Blue Jays won in their only two World Series appearances (’92 and ’93).


Kawhi Leonard, pictured above.

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