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Remembering Tim Conway, Especially His Kindness

May 19, 2019

Tim Conway, a comedic great, died this past week, at the age of 85.

Among other tremendous achievements, he was part of the outstanding “Carol Burnett Show.”

Last night, I saw Mr. Conway seated next to another comedy legend, Richard Pryor on the Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson. That was truly great television.

Much has poured in regarding Tim Conway’s career. What I will add from a moment in time when I met Mr. Conway, is something, I hope and know will add to that which Tim Conway was as a person.

Some years back at “The Book Expo” in New York City, Conway had signed books, taken pictures and spent a long full day promoting his excellent book, “What’s So Funny.”

I hoped for a few words from Mr. Conway, but was told by others that he was finished talking/doing and other.

In a calm, yet firm voice, that I will never forget, this brilliant man said “I think we have time for one more.”

Thank you Tim Conway for that kindness and all your wonderful work.




Tim Conway and Andy B.



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