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Great Dynasties: Yankees And Celtics Notes

May 11, 2019

The Boston Celtics have now won just one NBA title in the last 33 seasons.

They won an incredible 16th title in the NBA’s 40th season in 1986. In fact, I recall telling the great baseball player, basketball fan and then Baltimore Orioles’ coach, the recently deceased, Frank Robinson, the news that day at Yankee Stadium.

Speaking of the Yankees, even they can not match the 40 percent of their league’s titles, the Celtics had (40 percent of the 40 titles at that point).

However, and this is about two great sports dynasties, the Yankees won a mind blowing fifty percent of the World Series played over a forty year period from (1923-1962).


Recalling greatness in sports, the dynasty Boston Celtics and New York Yankees, as well as an individual, Frank Robinson, to whom I told the Celts had their 16th title, that Sunday afternoon in 1986.

By the way, Frank was not surprised in the least bit, by the news.

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