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Celts/Bucks ’74 and ’19 Notes/Days/Dates

May 3, 2019

Tonight, on the same day, date, with the same series standing and in the same city in which they met 45 years ago, in the NBA final, the Milwaukee Bucks visit the Boston Celtics for game 3 of their quarterfinal series.

As was the case 45 years ago, the Celtics won game 1 of this “quarter,” on a Sunday afternoon in Milwaukee, each game played on April 28th.

Then and this year, the Bucks squared the series with a Tuesday April 30th victory. The victory 3 days back was on the 48 year anniversary of the Bucks’ lone NBA crown, clinched on Friday night April 30th. Imagine basketball ending in April!

The 4th, 5th and potential 7th games of this Celts/Bucks “quarter” will/would be played 45 years and a day after their 1974 final series “equivalents.”

However, should a game 6 be necessary, which is likely, it would be played 45 years after the classic, 2 overtime Milwaukee win in #6/’74 final.

The memory of that Friday night May 10, 1974 game, featuring greats Kareem Abdul Jabbar of “Milw” and the recently deceased John Havlicek of the Celts, exchanging late baskets is a great one.

Kareem won game 6 with a made “sky,” however series MVP, Havlicek and Dave Cowens led the Celtics to their 12th crown (first post dynasty, in which they won 11 titles in 13 seasons–you would think Durant, Klay Thompson or Gretzky before them would stick around and try to “approach” –let’s hope but…) with a game 7 win in Milwaukee.


The play by play announcer is the great Pat Summerall. Enjoy these moments from game 6 of the ’74 final.




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