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Oh (As In Zero), Canada! No Canada Based Teams Remain In The NHL Playoffs After Just One Round

April 24, 2019

Whether it is NHL czar Gary Bettman, NBC with Mike Emrick or just plain circumstance, NHL teams from Canada, largely do not advance and certainly do not “title.”

After the Boston Bruins in their league record 27th decisive game 7, eliminated the Toronto Maple Leafs in such a game for a second straight season and third time in seven (in ’13, they overcame a 3 goal, 3rd period deficit and “overtimed” the Leafs on Patrice Bergeron’s goal,– to paraphrase Mr. Springsteen, oddly on a song called “Born In The U.S.A.,” “he is still there” the Leafs and Canada teams are “all gone.”), no NHL teams based in Canada remain in the ’19 ‘offs. No team from Canada has won the Stanley Cup since 1993.

Meanwhile, the San Jose Sharks, who as was the case with the Bruins, won a Sunday road #6 to force a seventh game, not only joined the Bruins in the NHL quarters, but also “joined” the aforementioned ’13 Bruins as the only teams to overcome as much as a 3 goal, third period deficit and win a seventh game. They also overcame a (3-1) series deficit, winning games 6 and 7 in overtime, vs the Las Vegas Golden Knights.


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