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As Usual, NHL Playoffs Yield Upsets While In The NBA “Form Holds”

April 22, 2019

Need I cite that the NHL playoffs produce upsets (I will say as 8th seeds Columbus (Blue Jackets) and Colorado (Avalanche) dispatched top seeds Tampa Bay (Lightning) and Calgary (Flames) respectively), while the NBA does not.

In other NHL series, in addition to the surprising, but again, not shocking sweeps vs the top seeds, the series underdog, albeit higher seed, New York Islanders swept the ’16 and ’17 champion, Pittsburgh Penguins.

Meanwhile, lower seed, albeit series favorite, St. Louis (Blues) 6’d the Winnipeg Jets. Tonight lower seed and series underdog, Dallas (Stars) hope to wrap up their series vs the Nashville Predators in a home game 6.

The lone higher seed and series favorite with an advantage at this point, defending champion, Washington (Capitals) (figuratively that is as (3-2) leads do not go into suitcases) takes a (3-2) series to Carolina. The Caps and Hurricanes have a combined (5-0) home record in that series.

Yesterday higher seeds, Boston (Bruins) (at Toronto Maple Leafs in the less intense afternoon) and San Jose (at Las Vegas Golden Knights) (Sharks and their series was “considered” even) won a road #6, to force a home #7 tomorrow.

In the boring, “form holds,” NBA, only one series is (2-2) that San Antonio (Spurs) the 7 seed vs two seed Denver (Nuggets).

The higher seed already won or has at least a (3-1) series lead returning home, in the other 7 series. One higher seed, Portland (Trail Blazers) was a series underdog.


Columbus coach, John Tortorella, pictured above.

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