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Comments Regarding Columbus Sweeping Tampa Bay, Eldrick “Tiger” Woods’ Winning The Masters/Its Hype

April 18, 2019

The Columbus Blue Jackets swept the top ranked and near record breaking regular season, Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round of the NHL playoffs.

This was certainly a surprise, however not near a shocking result to me. One need merely look at hockey history and understand the “upsets are clearly possible, even probable,” nature of the sport.

14 to 1 choice, Tiger Woods (apparently a bettor who called himself financially “responsible” wagered all of his money and won “mucho” as Woods triumphed. That person is extremely lucky, IF “responsible,” which he clearly is not, will walk away, but likely, sadly, even tragically–so many must learn the hard way), winning his 5th Masters golf title, was also not a big surprise.

Certainly Mr. Woods’ nice feat, being blown completely out of proportion, especially by CBS lead golf commentator, Jim Nantz, was (pun intended) “par for the course.”


As holidays in two major religions of this world approach, maybe some will reflect on what is important.

Wishing joyous holidays and on we go.

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