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Of “Hunters,” DeAndre And Les Plus A Wikipedia Factual Error

April 13, 2019

DeAndre Hunter’s tremendous final game performance evoked memories of another “Hunter,” (Les), whose 1963 Loyola of Chicago team also won the NCAA Basketball title, in an overtime final game.

The memory stirred research and below from Wikipedia is a glaring error, as the great player, Oscar Robertson not only was NOT on the 1963 second place Cincinnati team, as written, but also was NOT on the consecutive Ed Jucker coached “Cincy” title teams in 1961 and 1962.

Read below for the incorrect portion concerning Oscar Robertson, plus some good notes as Wikipedia often delivers, these concerning the 1963 NCAA Basketball title tilt.

” Hunter then scored 16 points with 11 rebounds in the 60-58 overtime NCAA Championship game against Cincinnati and Oscar Robertson.[7][8] In the championship game overtime,(I add Vic) Rouse scored “The Shot Heard ‘Round the Basketball World,” as he rebounded a Hunter missed shot from 12 feet (after a pass from Jerry Harkness) and make the game-winning putback at the buzzer.[2][9].”


The 1962-1963 NCAA Champion, Loyola of Chicago team, pictured above. Les Hunter is fifth from the left, wearing number 41.

Last season while Virginia lost in the first round in a shocking upset, an upstart Loyola of Chicago team made the national semi-finals.

A year later, after a great regular season and some heart pounding tournament wins Virginia won it all while Loyola failed to make the NCAA Tournament.







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