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Baseball Nostalgia: John Tsitouris, George Altman, ’64 and More

March 30, 2019

It was pitcher John Tsitouris of the Cincinnati Reds, who beat the Philadelphia Phillies (1-0) in the game that started the Phils’ 10 game loss skein that essentially cost them the 1964 National League Pennant.

Tsitouris was also the Reds losing pitcher in a last day of the season game vs the Phillies, which coupled with a St. Louis Cardinals’ win vs the New York Mets, lifted the Cards to the pennant and eventually a World Series title.

Three years later, on a day a great American League race played out, Tsitouris won his only decision of the year, in a meaningless game vs the Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field, where John had lost the ’64 finale.

It was George Altman’s last game in the major leagues. He was a three time National League All-Star, playing in both such games in 1961.

Postscripts: 1967 again was a Cardinals’ title season, as they beat the “Impossible Dream” Boston Red Sox in 7, to win the World Series.

The Red Sox had prevailed in the great American League pennant race.

Rather than tell you again, how the wild card presence has ruined the chance of great races such as ’64 N.L. and ’67 A.L. –I choose to recall Altman’s tale of playing baseball in Japan, especially regarding how surprised he was, regarding the very hot temperature of a bath there.


Likely a hot (but not too) bath pictured above.




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