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Watching “The China Syndrome” On TCM

March 26, 2019

Last week, I watched “The China Syndrome” (it warned regarding safety at a nuclear power plant) on Turner Classic Movies, (TCM) and appreciated it even more than I did the Sunday night in late March, 1979, on which I saw it “at the movies,” with my parents.

What flows here are my memories and the fairly well known fact that not long after the movie’s release a real life “nuclear situation” occurred at a place called Three Mile Island.

I need not or perhaps do need to wax poetic about causes, however, today it is the fine performances and eventually juxtaposition with sports.

James Bridges directed and the trio of Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon and Michael Douglas, all mega stars and performers, led the superb cast.

I noticed Peter Donat and Wilford Brimley, among others in excellent supporting roles.

Forty years later, “The China Syndrome” remains a truly outstanding film.


Of course, Michael Douglas is the son of legendary actor, Kirk Douglas, pictured above.





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