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Luke Perry Leaves/Will Be Missed Very Much

March 6, 2019

It was not “Dallas,” with Larry Hagman, nor was it “The Sopranos,” with James Gandolfini and its individual, in this case, Luke Perry, who very sadly, died far too young at age 52 two days back, was not quite as central.

However, “Beverly Hills 90210” was one of my favorite shows and Mr. Perry, as “Dylan McKay,” was the biggest reason.

Remember, as one reads the relative statements above, I was 10 to 15 years older than the projected “90210” demographic, however, the show’s fine writing, cast and adult story lines made it compelling.

Again Luke as a “cool hand,” one born a year before Paul Newman portrayed another, and evoking James Dean, certainly in “Rebel Without A Cause,” was the biggest reason, easily translating “Dylan’s” angst, cool, power, depth (he read Lord Byron) into a character, one could maturely admire.

Much had sailed by the ’90’s, lessons learned late, if not too, but in watching each week, “90210” brought perspective and Perry by all accounts a truly fine individual, brought much of it home on many Wednesday nights, as I recall.

I have included Kristen Baldwin’s tribute to Mr. Perry’s very full career including his fine turn on “Riverdale.”

In her tribute’s first paragraph, Ms. Baldwin cites that after a long day of doing publicity, Luke was so gracious to her. I can relate to that in a big way and my admiration and now unfortunately, my mourning regarding Luke Perry is vastly increased.

Click below to view Kristen Baldwin’s tribute to Luke Perry with her fond, heartfelt remembrance of his kindness.

A tribute to Luke Perry: From dreamy bad boy to TV’s best dad



Luke Perry, pictured above.





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