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“Home Network” Super Bowl Telecast Notes

February 12, 2019

The victory by the AFC representative, New England Patriots in a Super Bowl telecast on the AFC network, (CBS), pushed the home network teams, over the sixty percent win mark (25-16).

Home network conference teams have the following records in the 41 such games. Keep in mind, 11 Super Bowls were on the “neutral” network, first ABC and now NBC. Additionally the first Super Bowl, called the AFL/NFL Championship game, was telecast on both affiliated networks.

In this incarnation as the AFC network, CBS has telecast 7 Supes , occurring every 3 years starting with the 2000 season, with the AFC team winning 6 of 7 (the lone loss being the Saints win vs the Colts in ’09).

Once the NFC and before that the NFL, “home” network, CBS teams were (7-5) in their Supe telecasts. This includes Green Bay winning the first such telecast as the “home” network NFL team, in the second NFL vs AFL game.

Moving up the television “dial”,  NBC as an AFL/AFC network is next. Its “home” network teams were (8-6), having started (7-0) with the first win by the AFL/home network, New York Jets, with Matt Snell scoring their lone touchdown, in the third AFL vs NFL championship tilt.

Fox is next, its NFC “package-home teams” are (4-4) in their Super Bowl telecasts.

Add it up and it is (25-16). That is over 60 percent.


Max McGee, supposedly after a night of much fun, stood out and scored the first ever “Supe” touchdown, in the dual telecast as CBS/NFL and NBC/AFL were both “on hand,” beaming the exploits of Max’s great “hands.”

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