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More World Series/NFL Crown Same Season Notes

February 7, 2019

Baltimore in 1970, first with an Orioles team that won 108 games and then with an (11-3) Colts’ team was the first city to win the World Series, followed by the Super Bowl in the same year.

The next to do so was Pittsburgh in 1979, the Pirates last World Series crown or even appearance was followed by the Steelers’ 4th Supe crown in 6 seasons, something the Patriots will try to match next season.

New York “turned the trick,” (was Times Square different? — I believe so) in 1986, first the Mets handing the Red Sox an excruciating World Series loss, followed by the Giants first NFL crown in 30 years.

Boston’s Red Sox had gone 86 years sans a World Series victory, the aforementioned 1986 loss by a gallant team that included Dwight Evans, before winning the World Series in 2004. The Patriots followed that with their third NFL/Super Bowl crown in four seasons, winning the 39th Supe.

Last Sunday, a scant 14 weeks after the Red Sox fourth crown in 15 seasons (’04-’18), the Patriots won their sixth in 18 seasons, (’01-18), making Boston, as cited yesterday the first city/area to twice win the World Series followed by the Supe in the same year/season.

Two days ago, I cited New York winning the World Series followed by gaining an NFL championship via a title game win in both 1938 and 1956.

New York’s Giants are also credited with the 1927 NFL crown, based on the final regular season standings as there was no post-season play. Before that, the legendary 1927 New York Yankees, led by Babe Ruth (60 home runs) and Lou Gehrig, who smacked 47, won the ’27 Fall Classic/World Series.

One other city won the World Series followed by the NFL crown in the same year. Detroit did so, winning the ’35 World Series, their first, having been denied in appearances in three straight years (1907-1909), followed by the Lions first NFL title as they won the NFL’s third title tilt in December 1935.


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