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Notes Regarding Super Bowl Winning Field Goals

February 3, 2019

The New England Patriots, seeking to tie the Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 Supe crowns today, vs the L.A. Rams, won their first two titles on last play Adam Vinatieri field goals.

Vinatieri, still an all-time great kicker despite some horrible misses of late, played on two more title teams, one With N.E. and the other with the Indianapolis Colts, with whom he still plays.

The other last play/essentially last play, Super Bowl winning field goal, as with both of Vinatieri’s the score was tied, was booted by Jim O’Brien of the then Baltimore Colts, after the 1970 season.

Tom Goode (alas ball playing WAS allowed on poly-turf) snapped the ball, Earl Morrall held it and from 32 yards away, O’Brien kicked the Colts to a Supe 5 win a scant 2 years after a loss in the third one to the New York Jets, also at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.

A great broadcaster, Ted Moore then affiliated with the Colts is heard calling the historic play at the very beginning of the NFL Films feature, below.




The other local broadcaster, also a great one, to call a Supe/NFL Title winning, last or virtual last play game winning field is Gil Santos.

Gil called both Vinatieri Supe winning field goals with Mr. Cappelletti, the game analyst. They are pictured above with Mr. Santos on the left and Gino on the right.




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