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Home Team, Title Game Notes

January 20, 2019

The home team has won well over two thirds of the non neutral, Pro Football title games, be it NFL, AFL, NFC or AFC.

Altogether, going into today’s two tilts at New Orleans and then Kansas City, two franchises coached by Hank Stram, counting the (5-5) AFL record (’60-’69), the home team is (96-46), thus in NFL games is a tremendous (91-41), that is just under 69 percent victories, for the home team.

Home teams won over two thirds of the NFL title games, not played on a neutral field, going (25-11) from (1933-1969).

The 1936 game won by Green Bay, vs Washington, was played at the Polo Grounds in New York, considered a neutral field.

Of course the last 52 Pro Football titles, (48 NFL crowns) have been decided at the so called Super Bowl, neutral site.

In the ’80’s (’80-’89) the home team won 9 of the 10 NFC title tilts, including 8 straight (’80-’87). Seven of the nine home NFC title game winners in that span, went on to win the Super Bowl.

From (’70-’79), the ’70’s, home teams won 8 of the 10 AFC title tilts, including 5 straight (’75-’79). Six of the eight home AFC title game winners in that span (’70-’79), went on to win the NFL crown, in the Super Bowl.

Finally and through the esoteric maze, that brings us to the present. The home team which went (16-4) in ’80’s title tilts, is (12-4) from (2010-2017).

In AFC title game play, the home team has won 11 of the last 12 such games. However, that AFC home title game winner is just (3-4) starting in 2010 and (5-6) after those 11 wins in the subsequent, neutral site, Super Bowl.


The great Don Hutson, pictured above, gathered in an Arnie Herber touchdown pass for Green Bay in their neutral field win vs Washington in the 1936 NFL Championship Game.

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