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It is 50 Years Since Jets (16-7) vs the Colts in the third Super Bowl

January 12, 2019

Today is the 50th anniversary of the New York Jets’ big upset win vs the then Baltimore Colts, in the third of four AFL vs NFL Championship games/Super Bowls.

Among the Jets’ stars in that long remembered game is quarterback Joe Namath, who a year earlier threw for over 4 thousand yards in AFL regular season play, the first quarterback in any league to do so.

Matt Snell of the Jets scored their lone touchdown also rushing for 121 yards, while Jim Turner scored their other 10 points, including 3 made field goals.

The Jets defense was superb and a bit lucky (tipped interceptions and the Colts being unable to spot a wide open Jimmy Orr as the halftime show to be, marched along the Orange Bowl back line of the end zone) holding the (15-1) Colts, who had to win 2 NFL ‘offs games to gain Super Bowl entry juxtaposed with the Jets needing one AFL such win to do the same, without a score until well into the final quarter.

Winston Hill, (the next year another offensive lineman named Hill, that one Dave Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs, would play great as the AFL evened the Supe score, to forever be AFL and NFL 2 wins each), led the Jets offensive line that day.


The one and only Joe Namath, pictured above.

It was with great admiration and “if only it could be us,” feelings, that we joked Joe saying “honey, I told you not to call me at the game,” as a “caption” when we saw him on the phone during a game.

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