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“8” Year Baseball And World Series Notes

January 2, 2019

The twelfth “8” year baseball season with a modern World Series, (i.e. American League vs National League), ended with a second Red Sox crown, this one a hundred years after the first.

Their biggest rivals, the New York Yankees, did make post-season play as a fine 100 plus wins team (one of three in the American League, the last two champions, Boston and the Houston Astros were the others) as a wild card team, but did not make the World Series.

Five times they made and won the World Series in “8” years, winning it all in 1928, 1938, 1958, 1978 and 1998.

Three of those World Series resulted in Yankees’ 4 game sweeps (’28, ’38 and ’98) with a fourth, 1978, manifesting in 4 straight Yankees’ wins to take the title in 6 games.

A three game World Series win skein, certainly also a great feat was the result in 1958. Bob Turley’s pitching in games (5-7), led a great Yankees’ comeback World Series victory.


Bob Turley, pictured above, led the Yankees’ great 1958 World Series comeback victory.

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