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NFL Prediction And Notes

December 29, 2018

Tomorrow if heavy favorite Seattle (Seahawks) wins vs Arizona (Cardinals) or if the Chicago Bears top the Minnesota Vikings, then in the 4 seed vs 5 seed, wild card round tilt, Seattle will visit Dallas.

I guess Seattle will win, which if that happens and favorite Minnesota tops the Bears will manifest in Bears/Vikings in 2 straight weeks.

Prediction: Seattle 24 Arizona 17 keeping the Sam Rosen announced underdog streak going, in a game started by Arizona quarterback, Josh Rosen.


The Cowboys will host either Seattle or Minnesota. The Eagles need to win at Wash and get help from the Bears (i.e. beating the Vikings), to get in the ‘offs.

If that is coupled with a win by the heavily favored Rams vs S.F. (49ers) then 30 years later and a playoffs round earlier, there would be a redux of a division round, Bears win vs the Eagles, a game played in heavy Chicago fog.

In that somewhat unlikely event, the game would again be in Chicago.

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