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Braves/Mets September 26, 1962

December 20, 2018

It is Wednesday September 26, 1962–the Milwaukee Braves are going to finish 5th in the first year of a 10 team National League.

Their opponents, that rainy night in Milwaukee are the New York Mets, twice the amount, lower in the standings, i.e. 10th and with an eventual (40-120) record.

After this tilt, only 4 games remain for each team. Braves’ starter Denver Lemaster gives them hope, in the compelling and eventual classic 1962 N.L. pennant race, the Dodgers playing at home vs the Mets’ fellow expansion team, the Houston Colt 45’s, lead the Giants by a game and a half, as S.F. won its day game. After this day, each contender has 4 to play, all at home–Lindsey Nelson intones.

Earlier, Bob Murphy cited two other Braves’ pitchers that made the team optimistic about the 1963 season, Tony Cloninger and Bob Hendley.

It would not work out for the Dodgers in 1962 but it did so in both ’63 and ’65. Both Cloninger still with Milwaukee and Hendley then with the Chicago Cubs, would have great 1965 impact.

Stay with me as in future posts I will go back and with some clarity that hindsight provides, both note and comment.


Bob Murphy cited an affiliation between the Atlanta minor league club and the Braves. Of course, the Braves played only three more seasons in Milwaukee (’63-65), before moving to Atlanta.

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