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Remembering Ken Berry

December 5, 2018

I really liked the easy going manner and the great talent of performer, Ken Berry, who died days back at the age of 85.

While losing Andy Griffith from the show bearing his name can never be understated, I was able to enjoy Ken Berry as “Sam” on “Mayberry RFD,” which “spun off” from the Andy show. (Admiring Arlene Golanka, Mr. Berry’s character’s  love interest on the show, did not hurt, that is for sure).

Mr. Berry was a tremendous “song and dance man.” On both “F-Troop” and “Mama’s Family,” his comedic acting talent manifested.

I have great memories of Mr. Berry performing with grace on so many variety shows, most notably to me, on the great Carol Burnett’s show.

My greater knowledge is in sports and I honor two Ken Berrys, this way.

Both performer and center fielder (defensive great Ken Berry is 77 and has written books designed for children), did their work smoothly and with grace.

I truly enjoyed both.

Perhaps now Ken Berry/performer/actor, and low key, good guy runs that infinite distance, the one exponentially more distant than those run by namesake outfielder.

In the beauty of that “distance,” the one on a beautiful grass field, Comiskey Park for outfielder Ken Berry and the one performer Ken Berry often inspired, there are answers.

Good ones, I hope.


Ken Berry, performer and actor, pictured above.

















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