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More World Series Notes, Likely Not Found Any Place Else. Also Go See “The Nap” On Broadway And A Related Note

October 30, 2018

The Red Sox triumph, clinching a fourth title in 15 seasons came on the exact 11 year anniversary of their 2007 clinching 4 game sweep of the Colorado Rockies on Sunday night October 28th.

In each of the last 4 and 5 of the last 6 years with this “calendar,” the World Series has ended on a Sunday (at night in ’18, ’12 Hurricane Sandy struck the next day, ’07 and ’01 at night–not in ’90 (Saturday) but in the glorious late afternoon in Detroit, the last Tigers’title to date in ’84).

Speaking of Sunday, 2 World Series games winner, David Price, then pitching in relief for the Tampa Bay Rays closed the door on the defending champion Red Sox as T.B. 7’d the Red Sox on a Sunday night to win the 2008 ALCS. The Rays were 5’d by the Phillies in the subsequent World Series.

This is really esoteric, at least out there. After only “splitting” (3-3) in the first 6 Red Sox World Series, the team whose manager’s surname is earlier in the alphabet (i.e. Cora vs Roberts in ’18) has won the last 7 Red Sox World Series starting with the recently deceased (Red) Schoendienst and “St. Loo” winning in 7, vs the Dick Williams managed, glorious “Impossible Dream” Red Sox in 1967.

Some more notes, so much World Series and post-season baseball here and please see “The Nap” on Broadway, as it is superb.

I hope and doubt 1918 will repeat after 2018 (the 86 year Red Sox title drought). Alas the Red Sox of 2018 are not in need of cash to produce a Broadway play (The play was “My Lady Friends and not as is often cited, “No No Nanette” (Wikipedia) and they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees) thus I  linked Broadway, “The Nap,” and the esoteric in continuing World Series notes.


Sadly, maybe peace is the “impossible dream.”

Click below to view Richard Kiley singing the great song, “The Impossible Dream” at the 1972 Tony Awards (another Broadway reference amidst the pile of notes and yes after “recent events” which were yes recent, but also all too real, tragic and indicative.


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