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Red Sox Up (3-1) Notes

October 28, 2018

The Boston Red Sox are on the precipice of their 4th World Series victory in 15 seasons, after scoring 9 consecutive runs T7-T9, down (4-0) and holding on for a (9-6) Saturday night victory at Dodger Stadium and a seemingly commanding (3-1) World Series lead.

Boston which endured an 86 year title drought, with a 1986 W.S. loss in 7 to the 108 wins, New York Mets, 32 years to the before yesterday’s win, won their first 5 World Series, all in a span of 15 years in which a World Series was played (1903-1918, again with no W.S. played in 1904 as John McGraw, the New York Giants manager refused to play an American League team. He relented the next year and Christy Mathewson’s great pitching led his Giants over the Connie Mack managed Philadelphia Athletics in the 1905 W.S.).

Back to the present with a few more esoteric notes, the Red Sox entered the seventh, trailing (4-0), having endured a bitter 18 inning defeat in #3, well less than 24 hours earlier.

However, these are the 108 wins Red Sox (Boston also lost a heartbreaking World Series to a truly great 1975 Cincinnati Reds team, that also won 108 regular season games), with the 3 recent titles and a (2-1) series lead.

Rich Hill had stymied Boston, pitching 6 scoreless innings before allowing one of the first two Bo Sox to reach in the 7th. He was lifted and eventually Mitch Moreland, who also hit a 3 run home run in a Saturday night win for his team, the Texas Rangers in the 2010 W.S. (The Giants of San Francisco won their first crown in 56 years, “5 ing” Texas in that W.S.), unloaded the pinch home run.

In the 8th Steve Pearce, who would all but wrap the game up with a 2 out, 3 rbi double T9, hit a one out home run to tie the tilt. Rafael Devers had preceded Pearce’s 9th inning 3 run double, with the “go ahead to stay” RBI single.

One more, unofficially, but with my research having been done, this is the eighth time in a best of seven World Series with this home/road configuration, that the team starting the Fall (in many cases,not so) Classic at home, has taken a (3-1) series lead with home wins in games 1 and 2 and a road win in game 4.

The last four were in “0” or “5” years (’15, ’10-blame Moreland’s homers 8 years apart for these notes, ’00 and ’95) with three in years ending in “8” (2018, ’88 and ’58) with the other in 1933.

Six of the seven previous teams up (3-1), in this pattern, went on to win the World Series (only ’95 which went 6 games, was not in five games).

I will note the exception was 1958, when the Yankees won #5 at home and the last two tilts in Milwaukee, to defeat the defending champion Braves in 7 games.

World Series in 1908, 1916 and 1929–perhaps among others, resulted in the winning team winning games 1,2, 4 and 5, to take the title, but with a different home/road configuration.

In 1916 it was the Red Sox vs the Dodgers franchise, then in Brooklyn and better known as the Robins.

Then the Boston team made the far less shorter trip Brooklyn to Boston (Braves Field not Fenway Park, though Fenway opened its gates in 1912) and wrapped the Robins in 5. (Wrappin Robin–anyone?)

Tonight 3,000 or so miles from home, the Red Sox hope to repeat a 5 game triumph over the same franchise, a “mere” 102 years later.


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