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Baseball Update And Baseball/Football Cities Notes

September 30, 2018

There is still National League seeding to be decided (the Cubs and Brewers tied entering today’s final scheduled games, are battling to be the top seed rather than the “4,” while similarly tied, Colorado (Rockies) and the L.A. Dodgers will likely be the two seed, at worst “3” or the five seed) but the ten baseball tournament teams are known.

Perhaps an interesting note is that other than today’s NFL clash between Oakland and Cleveland (of course the cities have met in the last 4 NBA final series, Oakland beating the now L.A. Laker Leb James and Cleveland three times), the other 8 baseball tournament cities with a total of 10 NFL teams, will or have played teams from cities, without a baseball tournament team in this week four of the NFL season.

Boston, Houston, New York (Giants and Jets) of the American League cities with tournament entrants face Miami, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Jacksonville respectively.

None of those cities/areas has a baseball ‘offs team, only Miami has a big leagues baseball team and those Marlins have the worst record in the National League. The (46-115) Baltimore Orioles have baseball’s worst record.

In an order to be determined today or perhaps tomorrow (a Cubs/Brewers extra game would be in “Chi” while if it manifests involving Colorado and L.A, the latter would host) Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Colorado and Los Angeles (Rams and Chargers) have/had (the powerful Rams went to 4-0 on Thursday night) week 4 NFL opponents from 6 cities (Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minnesota and San Francisco respectively), none of whom have a baseball tournament team.

Among them, only Buffalo is sans a major league baseball team.


Boston whose great, long ago pitcher Babe Ruth is pictured above had baseball’s best record.

In 48 completed seasons (1969-2017, no completed season in 1994) only one quarter (12) of the teams which had the best regular season record, won the World Series.

Twice the team was the Red Sox (2007 and 2013).

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