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Baseball Update/Notes–N.L. Tight, A.L. all but decided

September 26, 2018

Last night, all four results in the biggest games made the two remaining National League Division races closer, in fact, only a half game apart with 5 scheduled baseball days remaining.

In the N.L. Central, the Cubs still lead the Brewers by a half game, (it is in the loss column and a tiebreaker game between the two teams would be in “Chi”) but two Milwaukee wins at St. Louis coupled with two Pirates wins at Wrigley Field, manifest in the half game margin.

The race in the N.L. West is even closer as the Dodgers lead over the Colorado Rockies is also only a half game, but the two teams are even in the loss column. A tiebreaker game between the two teams would be played in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile the wild card race where very likely the N.L. Central second place team, either the Brewers or Cubs will be the “4” seed, has 3 other teams within one game, as the Cardinals trail the Rockies by a half game and L.A. by a full game, both in the loss column.

The American League, clearly superior (that does not mean their representative will win the World Series, though any of its teams save Cleveland, who might in some pairings, will have the home advantage) and exponentially more boring/settled, has three official “div” winners, in order the Red Sox, defending World champion Astros and Indians. Almost certainly the Yankees/A’s 10 teams to 8 round game will be in New York a week hence, exactly (save the fact it will be at night) 67 years after a game for World Series entry went to the New York Giants over the Brooklyn Dodgers, largely due to Bobby Thomson’s game ending 3RHR.


What were the odds that with 5 days left, only the “division fourth choice,” Atlanta Braves would have clinched a post-season berth in the N.L. when the season began?!

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