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Babe Ruth Died 70 Years Ago

August 16, 2018

Babe Ruth had stepped to the plate in the famed 1934 All-Star Game when  broadcaster Tom Manning intoned “ballplayers  may come and they may go, but here is the king of them all!”

How true about the Babe, who died seventy years ago today!

Whether he hit home runs (his 59 in 1921 or 54 in 1920 gets relatively little mention but recall the great Lou Gehrig hit 47 HR’s when Babe hit 60 in 1927, while Ruth easily outdistanced the competition in ’20 and ’21) or struck out as he did that aforementioned at bat vs Carl Hubbell in the ’34 All-Star tilt (“King Carl” went on to “K” not only Ruth, but also Lou Gehrig, Jimmy Foxx, Al Simmons and Joe Cronin 5 Hall of Famers, real ones, not compilers, in succession) the Babe was the most exciting and dare I say baseball’s greatest player.

As with few other athletes, (certainly Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Jackie Robinson), Babe Ruth transcended sports.

Add the almost unbelievable fact, his great pitching contributed mightily to 3 Boston Red Sox titles and his more famous great slugging led 4 New York Yankees’ crowns and you begin to measure his most unique greatness and impact.


Babe Ruth pictured above.







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