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Likely, “Locked In” American League Update (Sevens Abound)

July 30, 2018

At this point, many might say the American League is “locked in,” as far as its tournament seeding. Certainly the 7’s that have manifested, are significant leads as August approaches.

The Boston Red Sox, playing nearly .700 baseball, lead the defending World champion, Houston Astros, by a full SEVEN games.

Meanwhile, their lead over the New York Yankees, who have baseball’s second best record, is SEVEN in the win column and five and a fraction games in the A.L. East.

In turn, Houston’s lead over the Cleveland Indians is SEVEN in the loss column. Likely, but far from definitely, the Astros and Indians will clash in the tournament “quarters”/divisional series, with “Hous” having home advantage.

The closest “race” is the one for the final A.L. spot in the tournament and currently the Seattle Mariners lead the Oakland A’s by two games. In turn, the Angels are SEVEN games behind the A’s.


Certainly Red Schoendienst and SEVEN went together, as he was in many 7 game World Series.

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