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Not Meant To Be Negative, Certainly Not Intrinsically Re Woods, However The Hype Is a “BIT” Much

July 22, 2018

Here is some form of perspective and some maturity, while expressing my opinion and even my preference.

I truly disagree with all the hype Tiger Woods receives, though he once was great and deserves more than the likes of Phil Mickelson and Danica Patrick, the latter even joking about it, a rare “funny,” in a recent television “event.”

However, it is not that important! If they hype him and others, why let it bother me?!!

There are odds 12 to 1 (Woods certainly could win, but the odds should be much greater and one reason they are not, is Woods getting so much publicity) on Woods, 4 strokes behind, tied with I believe, seven others for 5th place, winning the British Open, which is in its final round today.

Thus the perspective/actions so often used by the late Beano Cook manifest. Bet a small amount (do not bet and if you do, always bet small amounts) on Woods, still rooting vs him, but if he does win, a small gain somewhat eases the “pain.”

Better to get out and exercise (pain, gain etc. and those of you still young, even not, get out, stop watching so much sports. Trust me, with few exceptions it will get you nowhere!).


Radio was and could still be great!

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